Eriksen’s first comment on his sudden fall after suffering a heart attack during the Denmark-Finland match


Al-Marsad newspaper: After the Danish national team star, Christian Eriksen, fell suddenly after suffering a heart attack, during his country’s match against Finland, in the European Football Championship.

Eriksen commented on the incident, saying: “Thank you .. I will not give up,” explaining: “I feel better now, but I want to understand what happened, I want to say thank you all for what you did for me,” according to the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport.” ” Italian.

Eriksen, 29, fell on the field in the 42nd minute of the first half of the match against Finland, when he was receiving the ball from a throw-in, without any contact with anyone, after suffering a heart attack, and the medical staff urgently intervened to provide first aid. Initial and his recovery, in the middle of a circle formed by the player’s teammates, in a terrifying scene.


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