Eriksen incident spreads awareness of heart problems


It is unlikely that Christian Eriksen (29 years) will play football again, with expectations that Italy will prevent him from completing his career with Inter Milan, after suffering a heart attack on the field during the Danish national team match with his Finnish counterpart in Euro 2020 yesterday, Saturday, With reports that the midfielder’s heart stopped for five minutes on the field.

The Denmark captain required resuscitation and the situation had stabilized by the time he was taken to hospital, although there remain concerns about his long-term health and career.

Dr. Scott Murray, a consultant cardiologist, who specializes in the prevention of heart problems, stressed that Italy is proud of its record in preventing heart attacks in football, so it is likely that the Danish career will end in the Italian League.

He told the British “Male Online” website: “It is possible that what happened, the end of his career, because the Italians prevent people from participating in sports, if it turns out that they have a major defect of the heart, and this is a provision in their law.”

He explained, “Italian law has been in place for about 20 years, and Italy has succeeded in reducing death rates from heart attacks in sports, from more than 3%, to less than 1%.”

The match was postponed, for a while before it could be completed, and Eriksen was seen while he was lying on an oxygen mask, and was taken to hospital, the Danish Federation confirmed that he was awake and conscious, and his agent Michael Schuts confirmed that he was able to speak while receiving further tests.

And Dr. Murray continued: “The player must undergo all tests before returning to playing football, and the Italians are the best in examining heart disease in athletes, and with this it is difficult to eliminate heart problems in athletes permanently, and we will still have 0.01%, who can to have a heart attack.”

And if the Dane ends up retiring from football, this incident could have a positive impact on society.

Eriksen incident spreads awareness of heart problems

Dr. Murray explains that the high-profile nature of yesterday’s episode on the European stage in front of millions of television viewers can help members of the public become more aware of heart problems and how to deal with them.

He added: “Everyone in public should learn how to perform CPR, and resort to medical services, and everyone should know where the nearest defibrillator is located, we have seen this in previous incidents such as Fabrice Mwamba and Phil O’Donnell, who died on the field, This happens week after week, and what people need to realize is that this can happen to athletes too, and the more we realize that, the more we can deal with it if it happens and save lives.”


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