Eriksen, Corona and the vaccine .. Inter clarifies the “complete truth”


In the latest speculation about the condition of EriksenThere were reports that the player might have been infected with a virus Corona The newcomer, or his receipt of a dose of the anti-Covid 19 vaccine, is behind the crisis, from which he recently woke up, but its cause is still mysterious.

Only the management intermilanAnd the Italian, the club to which the player belongs, completely denied these allegations.

The club’s sporting director, Giuseppe Marotta, told the Italian sports station Rai Sport, that the 29-year-old Eriksen “was not infected with Corona, and he also did not receive the vaccine.”

And Marotta continued: “At this moment, Eriksen is under the care of the medical staff of the Danish national team (…) Inter doctors have been in contact with him (the Danish team) from the beginning.”

“Our players are close to each other. We contacted each other after seeing Eriksen’s photos. We didn’t want to be intrusive so we tried to respect his recovery period,” added the senior official with the Italian champions.

And Piero Volpi, the Inter doctor, confirmed, “The important thing is that he is fine, but he has never suffered any setbacks, which hinted at problems, neither recently nor before, not when he was in Tottenham Hotspur (English) Nor at Inter. In Italy the controls are very strict.”

He continued, “We have passed through difficult times. Not only me, but the entire club family. He will undergo additional and more thorough examinations in the coming days.”

And on Sunday, the Danish Football Association announced that Eriksen is still in hospital, but in a “stable” condition, while the team’s doctor, Morten Possen, confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack without finding “any explanation so far” for what happened.

“He was dead for a few minutes and we did CPR. How close were we? I don’t know. We brought him back to life after defibrillation once, so it was very fast,” Posen told a news conference.


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