Ericsson: 5G technologies are changing the behavior of smartphone users in the UAE


A recent report issued by the Ericsson Consumer Lab (NASDAQ: ERIC) stated that 5G technologies are beginning to change the behavior of smartphone users around the world, including users in the UAE.

And she indicated, in statements on the sidelines of a press meeting held by the company today, by default, to reveal the details of the report, to the observed data that showed that one out of every five users of fifth generation technologies in the country decreased their patterns of use of the Wi-Fi network on their phones within their homes or other indoor places due to the advantages of communication Fifth generation mobile.

Ericsson Consumer Lab’s report, “Five Ways to Improve 5G Technologies”, included consumer opinions and perceptions in 26 markets, including in the UAE, representing 1.3 billion smartphone users globally, including 220 million subscribers Fifth generation technologies.

The report revealed that there is a 6% increase in the UAE in the trend to upgrade to 5G technologies during the period between March 2019 and December 2020. In addition, the report indicated that 24% of the respondents from the country own phones with 5G communication services, but they work On the fourth generation networks, which indicates the wide range of users’ readiness to adopt this technology.

The main findings of this report revealed that the first adopters of this technology in the UAE are very satisfied with the speed, while 81% of them want more innovative services and applications.

The report also highlights how 5G technologies are beginning to create new usage behaviours. In addition to reducing Wi-Fi use, early 5G users spend about two hours a week more on cloud games, and another hour on augmented reality applications, compared to 4G users. 5G users spend 3 hours more per week watching live videos and an hour and a half more on augmented reality applications than 4G users. Additionally, 20% of users in the UAE reduced their Wi-Fi usage after upgrading to 5G.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions on consumer movement, the vast majority of the regular uses of early 5G adopters have been indoors. As a result, early adopters indicated that indoor coverage was twice as important to them to provide a satisfying user experience than speed or battery life.

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