ENOC opens two new stations in Rahmaniya, Sharjah


Dubai: «The Gulf»
ENOC Group announced the opening of two new service stations in the Emirate of Sharjah, bringing the number of its service stations in the emirate to 9, and 155 stations across the United Arab Emirates.
The two new stations are located in Al Rahmaniya residential area on Emirates Road (E611), and their opening comes as part of the group’s plan to construct 12 new service stations in Sharjah by the end of this year, in order to meet the growing demand for fuel and vehicle services in the emirate.
With an area of ​​5,600 square meters for the first station and 3,911 square meters for the second station, each station includes 6 automated fuel pumps and 5 tanks that can hold about 15,000 gallons. » To meet the daily needs of customers.
steam recovery systems
ENOC has equipped both stations with Level II vapor recovery systems to recover vapors emitted from the station’s tank when pumping fuel and those emitted from vehicle tanks while refueling. The station operates with a fully automated refueling system, an automated fuel monitoring system and an electronic leak detection system.
In this context, Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC, said: “As a national oil company, we are constantly working towards building advanced infrastructure that meets the growing demand for fuel supply services in the UAE. From the position of the Emirate of Sharjah as the third largest emirate in the country and currently home to a growing population of more than one million people, our continuous efforts to expand our network of service stations in Sharjah come in line with our long-term strategy to enhance our presence in the retail sector at the state level, and the opening of the two new service stations It will also contribute to ensuring that residents and drivers have easy access to refueling and other vehicle services and retail outlets.”
Global best practices
It is noteworthy that the two stations were built in accordance with international best practices in the retail fuel sector and in line with the highest modern building standards and green building standards issued by Sharjah Municipality. The two stations are also equipped with the latest variable air flow technology in the air cooling system, which is characterized by a high efficiency rate that reduces energy consumption by 35%. The two stations use ozone-free and environmentally friendly refrigerant gas in all the cooling units installed in them, while the lighting systems have been developed through highly energy-efficient LED lighting that requires no maintenance and has a life span of 50,000 hours. This also contributes to reducing energy consumption by 50%.
The service area in Zoom stores has been expanded, with various payment methods such as ENOC Pay, Vehicle Identification System (ViP) and mobile payments. Through the new rewards program “YES” available at the two stations, customers can earn points and rewards when paying for fuel; vehicle services; Or buy products and groceries from convenience stores and F&B outlets, across the network of ENOC service stations.


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