Encephalitis .. a “scary similarity” between Covid and Alzheimer’s


US researchers have found evidence that the coronavirus epidemic swept East Asia about 20,000 years ago, and was devastating enough to leave an evolutionary genetic imprint on the DNA of people alive today.

In a new study published Thursday in the journal, the researchers said:Current Biology“The aforementioned area has been plagued by the ancient coronavirus for many years.

The newspaper reported,The New York Times“This discovery means that the Covid-19 pandemic may have dire repercussions at the present time if it is not controlled soon through vaccination.

The results of the study “should concern us,” said University of Arizona biologist David Enard, who led the study, adding that “what is happening now may continue for generations and generations.”

Dr. Enard and his colleagues compared the DNA of thousands of people across 26 different populations around the world, and looked at a group of genes known to be important to coronaviruses.

The study found that 42 of these genes had a dominant version, which was a strong indication that people in East Asia had adapted to an ancient coronavirus.

But everything that happened in East Asia seemed to be confined to that region, according to a researcher at the University of Adelaide in Australia and one of the study’s authors, Yassin Swelmi.

“When we compared them to populations around the world, we couldn’t find the same thing,” Swelmi said.

Scientists tried to estimate how long East Asians had adapted to the coronavirus, and found that all 42 genes had the same number of mutations.

The study estimated that all of these genes developed their own antiviral mutations between 20,000 and 25,000 years ago, over a period of a few centuries.

Scientists, inside and outside the study, believe that these results can be important and useful for researchers working in the field of inventing anti-coronavirus drugs in the future.

The number of deaths related to the Corona virus around the world exceeded the level of four million cases, as the top five countries in terms of the total number of deaths, namely, the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico, recorded about 50 percent of the world’s deaths.

Peru, Hungary, Bosnia, the Czech Republic and Gibraltar had the highest death rates per capita.


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