Empowering 52 thousand Saudi women to own property through the Sakani program solutions


He revealed to “Al-Eqtisadiah” the “sakani” program, that 52,000 Saudi women have benefited from the “sakani” program solutions, since the launch of the program until May 2021.
This comes as part of the efforts made by the Ministry of Housing to enable Saudi families to own the first home, with the aim of increasing the ownership rate to 70 percent by 2030.
The “sakani” program provides housing ownership opportunities for women by developing the technical procedures associated with the housing support regulation, which serves married, widowed and divorced women and enables them to benefit from the various housing options and services provided by the “sakani” program website and application electronically. Up to 100 percent, to purchase ready-made housing units, units under construction, self-construction, and residential lands, or to benefit from “developmental housing” solutions if they are from security families.
Saudi women can benefit from residential services and solutions through easy and convenient procedures through the “sakani” application on smart phones, which contributes to their social and economic stability, according to specific standards and requirements, including being a Saudi national, and has never benefited from previous government housing support. And she does not own a residence in her name during the year before submitting the application, and she has an independent income, and she has been residing in the Kingdom during the year before submitting the application.
Widows can benefit from the various “sakani” benefits through immediate entitlement without requiring dependency, by applying through the “sakani” application and benefiting from residential services, including real estate advisor, the ability to reserve and electronic selection of residential units and lands, and the issuance of real estate tax certificates for the first residence, And “engineering designs” for self-construction beneficiaries, and other facilities by applying on the “sakani” website and application.


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