Emirati driver changing the face of Formula Racing


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Elaf from Abu Dhabi: An Emirati car driver entered history when she became the first woman in the history of motor racing to reach the podium of Formula 4 Italy, to break the stereotype that linked men to car racing, and her name was written in gold.

According to “Sky News Arabia”, Hamda Al Qubaisi, a rider for the Italian “Prima Power Team” team, became the first woman to climb to the Formula 4 Italy podium, after achieving third place in the Italian circuit Misano on Saturday.

And standing on the “podium” in Formula races of all categories, the first three places in each race.

Hamda Al Qubaisi’s achievement is not strange to her family. Her father, Khaled Al Qubaisi, is an Emirati champion in long-car endurance races, and her sister Amna Al Qubaisi made history with her achievements in Formula One as well.

Emirati track and endurance racing star Khaled Al Qubaisi has previously won the “Dubai 24 Hours” championship 3 times, the “Gulf 12 Hours” championship once, and also won second place in the historic “Le Mans 24 Hours” race, and second place in the World Endurance Championship .

As for Amna Al Qubaisi, 21, she was the first woman to win the Formula 4 UAE title, at the Yas Circuit, two years ago.

And about Hamda Al Qubaisi’s great achievement, her father said that he felt “great pride” and that he felt that she was very close to the achievement, because she is very talented and has a great speed in the car, according to “Sky News Arabia”.

Regarding the two sisters’ passion for cars, Al Qubaisi said: “Amna was following my races with great interest, and then, at the age of 13, I entered a motor racing academy, and gradually began to develop.”

He added, “After that, Hamda was influenced by her sister and loved to walk the same road, so she also entered the world of cars.”

Regarding the dangers of car racing, Al Qubaisi said: “There is a very wrong idea about car racing. Modern technology in driving cars is very advanced, and provides great safety for drivers.”

He added, “It can even be safe from many sports such as horseback riding, or even football, in which a person can suffer a broken leg or concussion in the brain.”

Regarding the possibility of Amna and Hamda competing against each other in one race, Al Qubaisi confirmed that the matter had already happened in the past, during karting races.

Al Qubaisi said, “I can’t watch the race when you two compete in one race, my emotions overwhelm me.”

The UAE champion in endurance races concluded his speech, stressing that Hamda’s achievement, Saturday, is only the beginning of the road to the dream of reaching the highest categories, and even reaching Formula 1 is a possible dream.


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