Emirates News Agency – Successful participation of the Football Association’s referees management in the “FIFA” workshop


DUBAI, 3rd June / WAM / Khaled Al-Doukhi, Technical Director of the Referees Department of the Emirates Football Association, participated in a workshop for video referees lecturers organized by the International Football Association “FIFA” via a remote visual communication system, during the period from 25 to 28 last May, which 30 experts from different member federations attended.

The workshop, which was presented by the international lecturer, Van Mark, director of the development of video referees at the International Football Association, and the international lecturer, Farhad Abdullah, focused on modern methods for training video referees, including theoretical, technical and technical aspects, to train video referees on the “VAR” technology, starting with the basics of the video referee protocol. And how to make a decision during cases of touching the ball by hand, cases of the penalty area, attacking, goals, technical errors, and game management, as well as violations that may occur during the offensive construction phase, and their relationship to the team’s control of the ball and the resulting scoring of goals and penalty kicks.

It also focused on the appropriate timing for calling the match referee for television review in cases of the penalty kick, whether it was calculated or not, the offside offense by interfering with the opponent, as well as cases of direct expulsion for violent play and immoral behavior, and any offense that occurs outside the referee’s vision and requires the player to be expelled.

It also touched on cases that do not require summoning the referee for television review, including realistic violations “the place of the violation inside or outside the penalty area, the violation of infiltration in the place of the offending player, calculating the goal or not, and the appropriate timing for the intervention of the technology to verify and verify the situation using the normal speed of the cameras” the severity of the violation And the possibility of the player controlling the ball and positioning the players, as well as when the slow speed of the cameras is used to determine the place of contact, the place of the violation and touch the ball by hand.

In conclusion, I presented a set of important recommendations and advice in the optimal application of VAR technology.

WAM / Amin Al-Double / Abdel Nasser Moneim


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