Emirates News Agency – Sharjah Sports Council includes basketball in “Al Hamriya” and “Dibba Al Hisn”


Sharjah, June 15/WAM/ The Sharjah Sports Council has approved the inclusion of basketball in the Dibba Al-Hisn Sports and Cultural Club and the Al-Hamriyah Cultural and Sports Club during the new sports season.

Saeed Ali Al-Ajli, the sports expert in charge of acting on behalf, indicated that the inclusion of the basketball game in Dibba Al-Hisn Club and Al-Hamriya Club is an addition to the games in the two clubs and within the council’s plan to work on publishing all games, reflecting the great interest in young people.

Al-Ajel added that the council aims through its plans to expand the base of the basketball game, so the game has been added in two new clubs in the emirate’s clubs, where the ingredients that lead to the success of the game are available through infrastructure and urging the clubs to attract players from the region and bring qualified coaches to develop them at the technical level in the clubs In what serves the game in the United Arab Emirates and the smiling emirate in particular and contributes to achieving the goals, as the Council spares no effort in that in light of the availability of capabilities and infrastructure to create a sports climate for developing games

Wam/ Alia Al Ali/ Emad Al Ali


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