Emirates News Agency – “Sharjah Girl Guides” develops the self and technical skills of its members


Sharjah, June 10 / WAM / The Sharjah Girl Guides Commission organized a series of creative and developmental workshops, remotely, targeting Girl Guides and Flowers, with the aim of developing their artistic and creative culture, and providing them with more qualitative and advanced experiences in various scientific and practical fields.

The guides participated in two workshops, the first titled “3D Drawing”, presented by Emirati artist Aisha Al Hamrani, owner of the “Manoura” brand, through which they learned many experiences and skills related to this type of art and creativity in drawing various characters using this technology that It combined art and science, and at the end of the workshop the girls were awarded the “Art” badge.

During the second workshop, entitled “The Art of Mixing Perfume”, the participants learned about the basics of blending perfumes. Using a set of special tools that were distributed to them at the beginning of the workshop, they mixed the ingredients of aromatic materials with other natural materials, so that at the end of the workshop they could make their own perfume that carried They made their mark, and were awarded the “Art” badge in recognition of their efforts.

The female guides will be on a date with workshops during the month of June, including an interactive workshop on June 12 entitled “Features of Shadows”, presented by the advanced guide Hessa Al Hosani, which aims to develop the leadership skills of the affiliates, and introduce them to the basic steps to develop their creative skills in drawing, shading and drawing. Maps, and at the end of the session they will be awarded the “Art” badge.

WAM / Alia Al Ali / Ahmed Al-Boutli


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