Elon Musk cancels production of the most expensive Model S


New York, USA (CNN) — About a year before it went on sale, Elon Musk announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated Tesla Model S Blade Plus supercar.

Tesla still plans to release a Blade version of the car, with Tesla’s CEO tweeting on Sunday that the Blade Plus has been canceled because it “wasn’t needed, because the Blade is too good.”

However, Tesla had previously talked about the ability of the Blade Plus to cover more than 800 kilometers on a single charge, while the Blade can only travel 630 kilometers.

And both versions were supposed to have 3 engines, more than the two engines in other versions of the “Tesla” supercars. Tesla also said that both the “Blade” and “Blade Plus” cars will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in about two seconds, making them the fastest cars ever.

The Blade Plus was expected to be $30,000 more expensive than the Blade, at a cost of about $150,000.

All-wheel drive versions of the Model S and Model X made up just 11% of Tesla’s sales last year, while the more affordable Model 3 and Model Y SUV became mainstays of the company.

However, the Model S and Model X likely have better profit margins than the Model 3 and Model Y, making them important cars for the Tesla lineup.


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