Elizabeth receives a flower named after Philip on his birthday


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II received a flower named after her late husband Prince Philip, on Thursday, to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, while the royal family paid tribute to her dean.
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died on April 9, just two months before he turned 100, and more than 70 years after his marriage to Elizabeth, who was 95 years old. Last week, the palace said, the Queen received the Duke of Edinburgh’s flower, a new pink variety, in his memory.
Prince Charles, the eldest son of the Duke and Queen, wrote on Twitter that he remembered his father, while younger son Edward said it was a day to celebrate the life of Philip, who he described as a “larger-than-life person”.
“We would have liked it had he been with us, but the Christmas celebrations were not necessarily his concern, he did not like all the fuss and burdens,” Edward told the BBC.
Edward expressed his sadness in response to a question about the few difficult months that the royal family passed through after a stormy interview conducted by the famous American program presenter Oprah Winfrey with Prince Harry, the grandson of the Queen and his wife Megan Markle, and he wished Harry and Markle happiness after the second child they had, their daughter Lilibit. , giving rise to disagreement over whether they sought permission from the Queen before using her pet name within the family, and said: “This is great news, and I certainly hope they are very happy.”
The memorial flower was planted in a basin in the East Garden of the Queen’s Windsor Palace in west London, where she has spent most of the time since the start of the Corona pandemic.
A percentage of the sales of each flower from this commemorative strain goes to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Young People’s Prize Living Legacy Fund, which was founded by Philip and now operates in 130 countries.


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