Elham Ghassal.. Who is the youngest Saudi diplomat in the Arab League?


Reflected the bright image of the Kingdom..

She worked in the media, then went to the diplomatic corps, choosing from her homeland, “the Kingdom.” She is Minister Plenipotentiary Ilham Ghassal, the youngest Saudi diplomat in the League of Arab States.

In an interview with Al-Ikhbariya, she said: She rose in several diplomatic positions.. She established the Arab Working Women’s Unit.. She developed the organization’s media work, and reflected the bright image of the Kingdom and its achievements.

She added: Alienation and travel increased my longing for the Kingdom.. I represented the homeland in many Arab, regional and international events, and I was honored in the Kingdom and some other countries.

Ghasal grew up in a literary family. Her mother is an Adiba and her father is a Saudi writer and poet. From her parents, she took the love of work, poetry, pride in the homeland, and constant nostalgia for it.

In addition to diplomatic work, she loves volunteer work and writing poetry and literary articles, and about that she says: My study of literature and my exposure to world literature made me write articles and poetry in many Saudi and Arab newspapers, and I believe that a person must have voluntary contributions in serving humanity.

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