Electronic exhibitions in Sharjah to support entrepreneurs – the economist – the UAE economy


The Department of Economic Development in Sharjah organized the third electronic exhibition to support the national sectors, entrepreneurs and accreditation licenses to enhance the department’s role in the field of e-marketing and with the aim of providing an incubating and stimulating investment environment for them.

The organization of this exhibition comes within a series of electronic exhibitions to be held in order to open new horizons in line with the changes and activate the exhibition organizing sector in support of the national sectors, which comes within the strategic objectives of the department to contribute to planning and leading the comprehensive economic development in the emirate.

Ahmed bin Saed Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of the Commercial Affairs Department, confirmed that supporting the national sector and commercial projects for entrepreneurs and the domestic sector comes within the department’s strategic plans, which are based on economic development and the development of sectors and work to highlight and support them. He pointed out that organizing this exhibition is a pioneering step to activate the contribution of this sector. In the economic return of the Emirate, and provide opportunities for owners of small and medium enterprises from citizens to present their products and promising projects and promote them to raise the commercial level of their activities, and encourage local investment to reach the prospects of success and sustainability and push the wheel of the economy in the Emirate.

He added that within the framework of the continuous economic support to encourage local investment, the Sharjah Economic Development Department is following up with the interest of the national projects and entrepreneurship sectors in the Emirate of Sharjah in accordance with the strategic goals set, and stressed that the department is working to empower male and female entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises, to achieve success in national entrepreneurship. He explained that the aim of holding this exhibition and other marketing exhibitions is to promote their products and services and help in marketing them and encourage them to continue and achieve sustainability for their projects and to familiarize the public with them, and he explained that despite the current circumstances that affected the organization and establishment of this type of annual exhibitions on The international level, which includes a large number of attendees in one place, but the department confirms the continuation of creating communication between exhibitors and the public through the virtual space.



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