Electricity: We had a 20% deficit in energy production, and it turned into a surplus of 25% within 7 years


Dr. Ayman Hamza, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, confirmed that what the electricity sector witnessed during the past 7 years represented an achievement and a miracle, explaining that 7 years ago we had a deficit in the production of electrical energy of up to 20%, so we move now within 7 years, we covered this part and we have a surplus and reserves exceeds 25%.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity added, during the truth program, broadcast on Extra News channel, and presented by the media, Aya Abdel Rahman, that the ministry has introduced 28,500 megawatts, which represents a huge rate in 7 years, continuing: During two and a half years, we entered 3 stations Giant with 14,400 watts, which are stations at the highest level in Beni Suef and the Administrative Capital, which has the largest station in the world.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity continued, during the previous period, the electricity transmission networks were developed and developed so that there is not only electricity available, but of high quality, in addition to strengthening the distribution networks, which included pumping 36 billion pounds of network investments, which are very large investments, and we have the ability to export electricity.


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