Elden Ring details include the alternation of day and night – and enemies with dramatic backgrounds


The past few hours have witnessed countless details regarding the Elden Ring game after a long period of anticipation, most notably the fact that the title will support the free upgrade of the new generation copies, support for online multiplayer play of up to 4 players, and recently, we got more details regarding the design of the virtual world and enemies.

Studio From Software announced that the game is filled with various areas such as swamps, mountains and caves, which is most likely why there are horses to navigate, as everything will feel interconnected including dungeons scattered along the map, and there will also likely be a lot of shortcuts to help traverse the world As we used to in previous studio projects.

The new information that has appeared in the past hours includes the presence of a dynamic weather system, which means the alternation of night and day, as happened before in Bloodborne, but it is likely that the new system is not limited to a specific event, but rather works automatically all the time.

The development team’s collaboration with writer George RR Martin has put more emphasis on embodying NPCs (characters controlled by artificial intelligence) and giving them a deep backstory, and they will be motivated to either help or hinder the player’s progress in general, and the same with the enemies, where he is expected to possess each Different story and backstory related to what is happening in the virtual world.

FromSoftware Studio officially releases on January 21, 2022 on Xbox and PlayStation and digitally only on PC through the Steam store.


I always look for a good story, perfect script, and exciting plot in any video game, and I don’t mind playing competitive games with innovative and exciting ideas.

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