Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, announces that she has diabetes – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, announced that she had diabetes, stressing that she had spent more than 20 years caring for people, her work, her relatives and her family, but it was time for her to “take care of herself” at the present time.

Reham said on her Facebook page: “I took my tests to be a bad thing, thank God, and it is one of the tests that annoyed me about sugar… I discovered that my sugar lover is a need that I do not blame anyone but myself, because I carried myself above my energy and I always said that our Lord I don’t have anyone in need of anything other than the level of his energy.. Unfortunately, sugar is a horrible need and you must fight, eat and not be upset, and this is a very difficult need in the midst of what we are living through right now, because the feeling of injustice is the most painful and bitter thing, and I want to advise you never to worry about yourself and there is nothing worthy because it is all about measures Our Lord, and the most important thing is if you have enemies like the president said: When you want to respond to your critics, don’t sit back and respond to everyone

And she added: “All my life I have devoted myself to helping others, but the first time I stay expensive that I am the one who is being treated, and I spent 20 years clearing my mind of people, my work, my relatives and my family, but the time has come when I am clear of myself.”

And Reham added: “I have the intention that I remain more successful, but I was very emotional and responded quickly and wanted to answer my right .. But I will not waste my life because I have no one to raise my children, at least I stand next to my son and I am in complete health.”

And she continued, “Everyone has upset me, may God forgive him and guide him to his intention, and I call on people who have sugar that they maintain their health as much as possible.”

And Reham Saeed continued: “Sagheer Saad is watching me, and Saad is one of the best people I have ever seen in my life. I leave my mind in it from myself and save a lot of time for me without my children or my job, and without caring about who is afflicting me and who is attacking me.. May God grant me victory over my enemies whom I do not know who my enemies are, and it is not my fault that I am successful and that my name is resonant.

And she concluded: “When I received the tests, I wanted to say to them, keep your mind off yourself, and there is nothing in the world that is worthy, because every need will transgress, and you will not be scratched beyond your ability, because our Lord knows that I have a need in everyone’s hands, and I know that he will bear it .. Never bother yourself.”



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