Egypt.. Samir Sabry’s memoirs reveal secrets about the death of Soad Hosni, and one artist knows how to kill her



Egypt.. Samir Sabry's memoirs reveal secrets about the death of Soad Hosni, and one artist knows how to kill her

The Egyptian media said that the artist Samir Sabry revealed in his memoirs “Tales of the Whole Life” secrets about the death of the artist Soad Hosni.

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Egypt.. A great controversy over the artist, Soad Hosni, 20 years after her death, and her sister resolves the matter

Sabri said in his memoirs: “I went with the body to the police hospital, and I asked the forensic doctor about the rumors, and he told me that her hair is natural and unshaven, and she has no fractures except for a bump in the skull and blue bruises on the body, and the impossibility that she fell not even from an inch away, and the bruises What is found indicates that she died in the wake of a quarrel, and that she was hit on the head.”

Samir Sabri continued in his memoirs: Gangah, her sister, told me, “I heard the doctor’s words, Samir. There is no broken heart… How did I fall from the sixth floor?”, and the little girl’s rescue arrived at the mortuary door, and as soon as she saw me screaming, they killed her, and Gangah asked me, “Do you believe?” Is Souad committing suicide?” I said: “Souad cannot commit suicide, no matter how depressed she is, and I met her last time and she was doing 28 cosmetic surgeries on her teeth, and she lost 18 kilograms of her weight, and a simple tightening operation in her neck. A play like Raya and Sakina, how do you commit suicide!

Samir Sabry pointed out that the report of the British forensic doctor confirmed that there were no fractures in the body of Soad Hosni, as well as the Egyptian forensic doctor, adding: Is it possible that a 58-year-old woman falls or throws herself from the sixth floor and is not broken, is it possible that we do not find a drop of blood on the Where did the earth fall?

He continued: All of this says that the blood circulation stopped before it fell to the ground, and it is certain that Nadia Yousry knows what happened, as she used to say, “My beloved, my heart died, as long as my eyes are here,” then backs off and says, “No, no, no, no, no.”

Samir Sabri concluded his speech by saying: “The death of Souad Hosni raised a lot of rumors. In my opinion, the issue is simpler than that. Perhaps there was a dispute in the apartment. Souad died after a battle inside the apartment, and God knows.”

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