Egypt news | Local sports / Hamad Ibrahim reveals the scenes of Ihab Jalal’s refusal to train the team and his opinion on the Ismaili star


Hamad Ibrahim, the general coach of the Ismaili club, spoke about the association of the name of Ihab Jalal, the coach of the team, with training the Pyramids Club during the coming period, and revealed the scenes of his refusal to train the team.

Hamad said in televised statements: “Ihab Jalal has always been associated with changing coaches in Pyramids, but he is linked to a contract with a big club such as Ismaili, Ismaili for a period of 6 months, and at the end of the season, Ihab Jalal’s position will be determined in the coming period.”

He added, “We were very familiar with the Ismaili club before taking charge and we know that he had a good team that only lacked some luck.”

He continued, “The organizational matters from Ihab Jalal helped improve the situation, and the players worked very hard in the last period, and we could not imagine getting out so quickly from the difficult situation that the club went through.”

The former Dervish star continued: “Ihab Jalal’s refusal to train the national team affected us greatly, because the reason for the refusal was his adherence to his entire auxiliary apparatus.”

And he ended his interview, speaking of Tunisian Fakhr El Din Ben Youssef, the Dervish striker: “He is proud of the great players and plays with the Tunisian national team.

On: 2021-06-09


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