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In its third season, “The Platform” presents more exciting and interesting events, with the discovery of many mysterious facts and events, written by Hozan Akko and directed by Yasser Sami..

During the symposium, Emirati artist Ahmed Al Jasmi expressed his great happiness to be one of the heroes of this work, and said: “I am happy to work with a constellation of stars from all over the Arab world. There is no doubt that the Gulf and Arab drama production had to change from the traditional scene and focus on the principle of The 30 episodes, and specific time seasons.. As an actor and producer, I see that we focus on presenting successful and distinguished work that fits reality and new digital platforms, and we are proud that this Emirati work has reached the world to be among the most watched list».

He continued: “Those in charge of a huge and different work such as (the platform) certainly have the awareness and understanding to develop and renew the local drama scene and its access to the world, and I am proud to work with the talented Emirati Mansour Al Dhaheri for his new ideas and great effort to advance Arab business and his focus on intellectual and purposeful results, not only on Production just for production».

The Saudi artist, Abdel Mohsen Al-Nimr, thanked the work team, and said: The work has a noble goal and cause that forms the basis of our unity in the Arab region and the importance of joint work. And many important platforms, and his dream was to present an Arab work in an Emirati format, especially since the UAE brings together different Arab nationalities on its soil, emphasizing the approach of tolerance and coexistence, and the work cadres were selected in a distinctive way, such as Hozan Akko, a distinguished name in the world of writing, and the work also attracted The most important experiences that have the ability to produce local work that reaches the global level, and includes experiences from all countries of the world, and entered into a great adventure on the commercial and technical levels, and I assure that we are with all the works that change the rules of the game and gather the message and art at one time..

For his part, the artist Maxim Khalil commented: “The third part of the Al-Platform series will be shown, and we hope that you will like it to complete the success of the first and second parts, and there is no doubt that it is a unique experience that adds more to the success of Arab drama in raising important new issues .. The truth was a team Work with responsibility to present a work of art that deserves to be presented globally».

The Syrian artist, Samer Ismail, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the great production efforts that resulted in the platform series, and congratulated the audience for the wonderful work that competes with international productions, and added: “This enriches the Arab and Emirati cultural and artistic library with wonderful and important works that carry a great and important moral and intellectual value, and this is what We look forward to him in all Arab dramas in the future. The integration of script, production and directing, in addition to the efforts of the actors, is the reason for the success of any work, and this is what we have succeeded in achieving.».

For his part, the Syrian artist Bassem Yakhour confirmed that all parts of the “platform” are distinct, especially that part of it has a different story and identity, and he said: I joined the second and third parts after watching the first part, which met with great success, and I saw that I joined the work team and a group of the most important stars The Arabs represent a valuable artistic addition in my career. The work is integrated in all aspects of directing and production. We need this kind of work that takes Arab drama to another level by reaching global platforms, and competing with Western dramas strongly at the level of acting, directing and production..

He added: The character of “Ramadan” that I play within the work embodies an intellectual current from the point of view of those in charge of the work. Hozan Akko clearly during work events.

Emirati artist Yasser Al Neyadi commented: I see the work as a large mosaic panel, which includes many stars and completed artistic elements. When I read the text, I discovered that everyone who joins the “platform” must have a deep cultural and social dimension that allows him to interact with events, and the character of “Saif.” What I embody constitutes a large segment of young people who are facing the new digital progress, and the character line focuses on harmony with events and linking characters, and this prompted me to search more for the role of playing the role to the fullest, as some work experiences pass without leaving any trace.

He continued: I am very happy with my experience in “The Platform”, this Arab world series, which was shown on the most important platforms and implemented with high specifications, and I am really honored to be part of the experience of the three parts, and I wish the team success and continuity and provide important works added to the Arab and global scene.

And about her work experience, Emirati presenter and actress Mahira Abdel Aziz said: The work has elevated the Gulf and Arab dramatic scene in general, and although I have received many offers previously to participate in acting experiences during my career, I was always worried that my participation in acting would be cancelled. My series of successes that I achieved on the media level, but when Mansour Al-Zahiri contacted me, I was amazed by the innovative presentation of the work and the names of the big stars participating in it, and the artist Abdel Mohsen Al-Nimr had a great role in supporting me in this experience, due to my many scenes with him in the work, the success of the work It comes from the integration of all the elements, and this is what is available in the work. The return of the character “Sheikha” that I embody in the third season is an important step».

For his part, the Tunisian actor Ghanem Al-Zarli said: The text was presented to me during the period when I was coming to the Emirates from Tunisia, because I see that the Emirates has become an important production destination at the Arab and global level, attracting the most important works and representatives from all over the world, when Mansour Al-Dhahiri contacted me To participate in his championship, I was surprised by the big names of the stars participating in the work, as I found him to have resistance to success in terms of directing, producing and writing. Indeed, my experience was rich in participating with giants from the Gulf School of Acting, along with the stars of the Syrian school, and I see that “The Platform” is the beginning of a project Akbar elevates Arab drama, and is considered one of the most important dramas that presented the Gulf personality in a deep and clear way.

The Syrian actress, Maysoon Abu Asaad, noted that she followed the first and second parts with passion before putting forward the idea of ​​her joining the heroes of the work. This is what qualifies him to compete globally as one of the best Arab works of this kind, so I was happy to join this work, especially as it carries a vision and a purposeful message and does not focus only on the principle of dazzling.

On: 2021-06-06


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