Drydocks World launches digital transformation program


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Drydocks World has launched a futuristic digital transformation project aimed at enhancing its core systems in order to provide operational efficiency and improve customer service. In this project, the IFS Cloud platform will be used to meet the growing requirements of ERP and asset management.

The digital transformation project will enhance critical business systems at Drydocks World and will pave the way for the digital transformation of the facility’s shipyards, which will help simplify operations and enhance integration between systems, in addition to expanding the use of real-time data to drive optimal decision-making. Besides, the project will improve core technologies such as RFID (Radio Wave Identification) devices and take advantage of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and robotics that can be easily integrated into IFS cloud platform solutions.

These solutions will help modernize and automate existing production and operating capabilities of Drydocks World, integrating existing core systems and processes into a single product on a common platform, while IFS’s manufacturing and asset management modules will increase the level of complete transparency. And automation in “Drydocks World” in new shipbuilding operations and maintenance work as well.

Captain Radu Antolovic, CEO, Drydocks World, said: “The digital transformation program is a very important development for us to ensure a world-class service. With this new system, our employees will be able to do their jobs better by working with real time data, integrating platforms and better exchange of knowledge, which will also enable them to focus on their areas of expertise. We selected IFS due to its industry expertise and experience as well as best-in-class production capabilities.”

Mahmood Khan, Managing Director, IFS Middle East and South Asia, said: “We are honored to have chosen IFS as the preferred digital platform for Drydocks World as it embarks on this ambitious and exciting initiative. We look forward to collaborating with Drydocks World to take advantage of the cloud services we manage, simplify the usage process and reduce the total cost of ownership through a more environmentally sustainable cloud solution.”


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