Drones threat escalates in Iraq…


Briefly telling, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said that “the air defenses at Ain al-Assad base “confront two drones and were able to shoot them down” at twelve thirty at night, on the sixth of last June.But the impact of this attack was not simple at all, says an Iraqi military source inside the base, “Rocket attacks do not usually worry us, there are a lot of these missiles in Iraq and they are often inaccurate.”

The source, who requested that Al-Hurra website remain anonymous, added, “This is the second attack of its kind in about a month,” explaining that “the concern is that we do not know the nature of these planes or who operates them, we have conflicting information, we have conclusions, and we have knowledge.” That outside parties may be behind the matter, but we don’t have evidence yet.”

Last April, the commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, said that “for the first time since the Korean War, US forces operate without having supreme control over the air,” during an interview with reporters about the dangers of Iranian drones.


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