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Minecraft is a standalone game for PC, compatible with Windows and written in Java by Swedish developer “Marcus Persson”, currently nicknamed “Notch”, who later set up his own company to develop this game called Mojang and The game. Many people around the world have loved her. It is famous for several reasons, most notably that it has advantages that we do not find in other games such as building houses, playing as a team and fighting with monsters, in addition to some light games during team play, the most famous of which is the “survival game”.

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Minecraft launch

The game was released as an initial release on May 17, 2009 and then as a beta version on December 20, 2010, then a “Minecraft” version titled “Pocket Edition” was released on Android and iOS on November 18, 2011 with the exception of MineCon. As for the Android version, it was initially limited to Xpreia Play devices and then became available on all Android devices. In March 2012, the first Xbox version was released as a preview release. In December 2013, a version was released for PS3 and PS4, and in 2014 it was the first to be downloaded on PSVITA.

Game definition

Minecraft is based on the creativity of players, offering the possibility to create different buildings using different cubes, graphics and colors in a 3D world. The rule is that you have to build your shelter before the darkness and monsters appear, there is also the possibility to dig inside a diamond mine for self-development and then you can finish the game.

In the latest version, there are five types of games, the first is called Survival, which requires the player to take care of his hunger and take care of his life points so that he can live in this special world, building materials. They are collected to build different buildings. The second category is called Creative, and this part does not contain food or life points, it also provides you with an infinite amount of building materials without collecting them and gives you the ability to fly everywhere. The third category is a difficult game for professional players where the difficulty increases and all constructions are removed In the event of the player’s life or death. While the fourth category is the adventure, where you can break anything, and it has no basis in playing, it is only adventure. The fifth type is called Specter or Spectator, and it is a type of player who can do nothing but fly and watch players.

Game stats

This game is one of the favorite games of the people whether they are young or old even because of its simplicity. It has more than 56 million players in the world, while it has been bought by more than 19 million people in all countries. They play it with a pirated version, and their number has exceeded 37 million people in the world.
Minecraft Pocket Edition and Edition initially priced at $6.99 on Google Play for Xperia Play devices on August 16, 2011, followed by the rest of the Android versions on October 7, 2011 for the iOS version on November 17, 2011.

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