Download Minecraft for PC Minecraft 2021 for free


download minecraft game In the beginning, this game was for computers only, and with the passage of time, it included all devices and operating systems, and it is considered one of the very popular games around the world, despite that, it is necessary to pre-pay to subscribe to any version of the game Minecraft, what Except for one version that can be used to play for free, and in the following points we will show you how to download Minecraft.

Minecraft download steps

Minecraft allows its players to build and explore their virtual world using blocks of different types, and there are only two versions of this game: (Minecraft Java Edition) and (Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition), and the steps to download Minecraft are as follows:

  1. The application store is available on your smartphone.
  2. The name of the game Minecraft is written in the search box.
  3. Then the game will appear to you, and you will find that it is not free, and downloading it requires payment (6.99) dollars approximately.
  4. After successfully paying the cost of the game, you will see the word (Install), click on it.
  5. Thus, you will begin the steps of installing the game on the phone, and then you will be able to run it and build your virtual world with it.

How to use Minecraft for free

There are many players who do not want to download Minecraft on their device, so there is a way for them to play it for free, by typing the site ( in your browser and starting the game, and you can try the game in its current version Free on (playstation3), (playstation4) and (Windows 10).

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