Donia Samir Ghanem reveals the latest developments in the health condition of the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz



Actress Donia Samir Ghanem revealed the latest developments in the health of her mother, the great artist Dalal Abdel Aziz.

Dalal Abdulaziz is undergoing medical care in a hospital, after she was infected with the Corona virus several weeks ago.

Donia Samir Ghanem wrote a post on her personal account on “Instagram”, in which she said: “God Almighty, your supplication is the one who makes us patient and allows us to stand on our feet to help Mama, she is still in intensive care and does not know anything about Papa, her condition is still not allowing us to tell her news.” Like that.”

Donia added: “Thank you very much, may God bless you and have mercy on Papa and give us patience in his separation and heal Mama, O Lord.”

Earlier, the artist, Nihal Anbar, responsible for the medical file in the Syndicate of Representative Professions, revealed the developments in the health of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, since her infection with the Corona virus 34 days ago.

Nihal Anbar said, in statements to “The Seventh Day” newspaper, that the condition of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, is improving during this period, but it is slowly.

She added, “We hope that the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, will recover soon, God willing, and return to her family.” By Dalal Abdel Aziz.


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