Donia Butma shocked the audience with a new face! (See)


Moroccan artist Donia Batma surprised the audience (with a new face), after she published pictures on Instagram, which showed them differently due to plastic surgery.

The public expressed their shock at the new look of Donia Batma, and said that she was exaggerating in plastic surgery.
Moroccan artist Donia Batma appeared in a dance link during a celebration of the honeymoon of her sister, Ibtisam Batma, and her husband, YouTuber Fouad Qibibo.

Donia Batma published clips in which she danced with her sister, wearing the red Moroccan caftan, to raise controversy because of her gaining some extra weight, and the change in her facial features due to plastic surgery.

Some news websites and social media accounts had published pictures that they claimed showed the moment the Moroccan security authorities raided the engagement party of Ibtisam Batma, the sister of the Moroccan singer. Donia Butma In a villa in Marrakesh.
The circulating news claimed that the raid came due to a “violation of the state of health emergency” imposed in the Kingdom, after a number of invited guests from the relatives and friends of the revelers flocked.
But a source close to the family of the newlyweds revealed to a magazine Sultana The electronic news agency, that all the news circulating about the engagement raid is baseless, stressing that the ceremony was limited to the presence of family members and close relatives only, in respect of the precautionary measures imposed by the Corona pandemic, which prevents the establishment of large gatherings.

Moroccan artist Donia Batma published pictures of her celebration and the family’s engagement to her sister, Ibtisam, on Moroccan YouTuber Fouad Qibo.

Ibtisam Batma also published on her Instagram account, pictures of her engagement to Fouad Qibibo.

The case of (Hamza Moon Bibi)

It is worth noting that on Saturday, March 13, 2021, Ibtisam Batma left the walls of the Oudaya prison in Marrakesh, after the expiry of her one-year sentence, in connection with the case of blackmailing the well-known celebrity “Hamza Moon Bibi”.

The Court of Appeals in Marrakesh upheld the first instance ruling against Ibtisam Batma, who sentenced her to one year in prison, and paid a compensation of 40,000 dirhams (about $4,500) to Moroccan singer Saida Sharaf.

Ibtisam and her sister, Donia, were charged with “participation in entering the automated data processing system by fraud, deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system and causing disruption in it and changing the way it is processed, broadcasting and distributing people’s sayings and pictures without their consent through information systems, and broadcasting false facts.” He intended to harm the private lives of people with the intent to defame them, participate in that, and threaten,” according to Hespress.

And in late July, a Moroccan court sentenced singer Donia Batma to 8 months in prison, in the case of blackmailing artists and exposing famous personalities.

The spread of the image of Donia Batma’s little daughter (Lily Rose)

The Moroccan actress revealed Donia ButmaShe unveiled the picture of her young daughter (Lily Rose) for the first time, while celebrating the wedding of her sister, Ibtisam Batma.

Several pages on social media circulated a picture of Lily Rose in her first appearance, wearing a Moroccan caftan, just like her mother.

Lily Day

Activists expressed their shock at the beauty of Donia Batma’s youngest daughter, especially that she does not resemble her father, mother or younger sister Ghazal, which raised their eyebrows, and made them guess that she resembled her aunt Ibtisam, or her half-sister, the young Bahraini artist Hala Al-Turk.

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