Donia Batma’s “veiled” mother steals attention with her natural beauty. Get to know her! (photo)


The lady drewLaila Atassi‘Mother of the Moroccan artist’Donia ButmaThe attention was paid to her beauty and her brown Moroccan features during her celebration with Donia and her family with her sister “Ibtisam” and her husband Fouad Qibeibo, where Dunya shared her followers through the “Al-Sturi” feature with a set of photos from the party following her sister’s wedding during her honeymoon, and her mother appeared, who was able to win the praise of the followers With her natural beauty, unlike her daughter.

Donia’s mother appeared in a Moroccan caftan that suits her age and her elegant veil in soft orange, with soft green and gold embroideries.

Donia Batma comments on the shocking change in her features after her lips and cheeks were inflated in her latest appearance! (See)

On the other hand, the actress Donia Butma to a wave of criticism for being subject toPlastic surgeryShe published new photos through her account on the photo and video site InstagramShe appeared in different features due to the notable modifications she had made. Where some of her followers considered that she “spoiled her features, and that she exaggerated in visiting the clinics of plastic surgeons.”

It is mentioned that Donia Butma She appeared on the screen for the first time through her participation in the singing talent show.Arab Idol Arab IdolAt that time, the artist appeared with completely changed features from what she is now, as she appeared with a very thin body and face, and thin lips, and her time arrived Donia Butma For the finals alongside the Egyptian contestant Carmen Soliman, to get the latter in the finals for the title.

After appearing on the programArab Idol“The Moroccan artist began to take many artistic steps, and in addition to these steps, she was also keen to take a number of cosmetic steps, which started with the lips and ended with changing the entire face.

Where we find that pictures Donia Butma Before plastic surgery, completely different from her pictures after plastic surgery, as if we were in front of two people and not the same person. Donia Butma a radical transformation.

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