Doki Doki Literature Club Plus releases this month with side stories, new music and more – IGN Expo coverage


If you missed out on or want to go back to 2017’s stress-inducing graphic novel, which centers on a fun after-school poetry club, now you have another great opportunity to explore those horrors because Doki Doki Literature Club Plus comes out later this month.

Today at IGN Expo at IGN Summer of Gaming, Team Salvato and publisher Serenity Forge announced the extended version of the original game, which will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation on June 30, with two digital and physical versions.

It’s worth noting that Doki Doki Literature Club Plus isn’t a bonus content or an expansion, but rather an expanded version of the same very disturbing graphic novel that starts out as a cute dating simulation and quickly takes a horrific turn. New content added includes new side stories, improved HD visuals, more than 13 new music tracks, and more than 100 unlockable images. The game will also get a deluxe physical version with the ability to download soundtracks and other gifts, which is scheduled for release later this summer.

Doki Doki Literature Club was released in 2017, and today’s announcement might not come as a huge surprise to fans, as the game’s creator Dan Salvato previously said he was ready to move on to new projects, but at the same time he hinted at a Doki Doki Literature Club project at the time. Which appears to be in line with the version announced today.

Don’t forget to follow the IGN website for more coverage of the IGN Expo conference Summer of Gaming Throughout this month, which includes exhibition coverage E3 2021.


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