Dogs mauled a child and killed him in front of his father’s eyes in Saudi Arabia – site news – follow-up


A Saudi child died after being mauled by stray dogs while he was out for a walk with his family in the Hofuf area in Al-Ahsa Governorate.

Abdul Rahim Al-Hamad, the father of the child, Turki, told the Saudi “Al-Ikhbariya” channel that more than 15 dogs attacked his son. He explained that one dog attacked him at first, then dogs gathered around him from all directions and surrounded him and he watched him bleed.

He added that he was able to free him from between his fangs before he was transferred to a hospital, and the child continued to suffer for a week until he died yesterday.

Last March, the city of Riyadh witnessed a similar incident when “stray dogs” smashed the body of a little girl, less than four years old, which led to her death.




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