Does warm weather reduce the spread of the Corona virus? British study clarifies


There was speculation that the Corona virus may slow down in the summer, but the epidemic is not over yet, and although some believe that the virus recedes in hot weather, a new study showed that the high temperature is not enough to prevent the spread of the virus, according to a website report.healthsite“.

Warm weather and Corona
Warm weather and Corona

Warm weather alone cannot reduce the spread of the corona virus

According to the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesTemperature and population density are among the most important factors that determine how easily the virus can spread, but only in the absence of movement restriction measures, such as lockdown.

Study author Tom Smith, from the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London, where the study was conducted, said: “Our results show that changes in temperature have a much smaller impact than thought on transmission, so closures and social distancing should be reversed.”

Comparing environmental factors on a global scale is also challenging due to differences in interventions and case counts between countries and regions, especially since some countries, such as Brazil, India and Iran, have high transmission rates despite having warmer climates.

While temperature and population density affect the transmission of corona, the study reveals that public health policies and individual behavior are the most relevant factors, during lockdowns.

Precautions are necessary due to the unexpected behavior of coronavirus variants

Other studies have shown that some types of coronavirus may live and thrive in different climates, which means that they may change depending on their environment, and experts believe that some viral diseases may slow during the summer, but this is not always the case, given the lack of much evidence of how The virus behaves at different temperatures.


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