Diva Samir Saeed “hums” to the tunes of her new song.. video and photos


The star Samira Saeed, her followers and fans, participated in a new video clip of her humming to her new song “The Hour Etnane Belail”, which she presented a few days ago, on YouTube, which has so far garnered nearly 1.8 million views.

And Al-Diva, through her personal account on the Instagram website, published a video clip of her dancing to her last song, in which she appeared in a car chanting her words, including: “The feature accompanies yourself, you are upset, you rejoice with yourself.”

Diva Samira Saeed commented on her new song, “The Hour is Two at Night”, in a telephone interview with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the on channel, through the program A Last Word, when the latter asked her a question and said: Is it logical if the Diva raised the phone to someone who did not answer her, to respond The Diva said, “No, of course, I love me a lot, and they responded to me, of course.”

The Diva talked about the scenes of the song, pointing out that she loves singing and that for her it is an adventure and a difference, and she always seeks to present something different from what she presented before.Diva Samira Said

Diva Samira Said

Samira Saeed
Samira Saeed

Samira Saeed confirmed that she collaborated with Tamer Hussein in more than one song, including “I am with you”, “Enough is enough”, and the song “The Hour is Two at Night”, the third cooperation.


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