Distinguished levels in the “Mother of the Nation” League for Joe Gesto


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Today, at the Ju-Jitsu Arena in Zayed Sports City, the fourth round of the Mother of the Emirates Ju-Jitsu League concluded, with the remarkable participation of female club and academies players from within the country, amid precautionary measures and a safe environment.

The fourth round witnessed fierce competitions in three categories: young women (under 16 years), young women (under 18 years old), and adults (over 18 years old), with the participation of more than 100 players representing 10 different clubs and academies at the state level.

The players of Al Wahda, Al Jazira, Al Ain and Sharjah clubs for self-defense and Palms Sports – Team 777 continued their dominance of the leaderboard during the fourth round of competitions, with a final round separated to reach the podium.

The competitions were attended by Muhammad Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice President of the Jiu Jitsu Federation, a number of federation officials and representatives of participating clubs and academies. In the U-16 women’s category, Al Wahda players scored 6,990 points; This put them in first place, while Palms Sports – Team 777 scored 6,200 points in second place, and Al-Jazira club players came in third place, with 4340 points.

In the category of young women under 18 years old, Al Ain club players managed to reach 8100 points, placing them in the first place, while Al Wahda players scored 6550 points in second place, and Sharjah martial sports players came in third place, with 3780 points.

In the adult category, Al Wahda players scored 9750 points to take first place, while Al Ain players scored 5410 points, which allowed them to get second place, and Palms Sports – Team 777 players came third with 3280 points.

For his part, Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri confirmed that the support enjoyed by Jiu-Jitsu by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and his belief in the ability of the nation’s daughters to shine in this sport and others, contributed to the establishment of a solid and solid base. Of the heroines who have determination, determination and love for victory.

He added: The high turnout of the participating female athletes reflects the success of the federation’s vision to enhance the presence of women in the jiu-jitsu circles and encourage them to participate in various forums and tournaments. And the

Al Dhaheri explained that the fourth round reflected a remarkable development in the level of the players who worked hard to abide by the directives of the technical staff, especially in terms of the plans and techniques used, and these positive results are what enhance the value of these tournaments.

And he indicated that the jiu-jitsu women applied what they gained from the experiences and expertise they gained during their participation in the world championships that were recently held on the tournament mat, which contributed to raising the quality of the fights.

He concluded that the jiu-jitsu community within the country and fans of clubs and academies are eagerly awaiting the launch of the fifth and final round of the Mother of the Emirates League, and are eager to get to know the first champion of this dear championship in its new version.

In turn, Ibrahim Al Hosani, the junior coach of the national team, said: The level of the players has recorded a remarkable development since the end of the Abu Dhabi World Championship, and the main reason for this is the gradual return to normal life, perseverance in exercises and intensive training that was limited a while ago as a result of the precautionary measures that were followed on a large scale. Wide.

He added: The last edition of the Abu Dhabi World Championship for Professional Jiu-Jitsu was an important motivating factor for the players and players, and brought them back to the atmosphere of competition and friction with the best players in the world, noting the great role of coaches in guiding players and players to take full advantage of the lessons and gains of the most prominent world championship, and employing them optimally in participation. Coming on November 13th.

For her part, the prominent Emirati player, Dima Al Yafei, the star of the national team and Al Ain Club, who holds the purple belt, who is competing in the adult category, weighing 45 kg: The efforts made by the players are bearing fruit, and this is not evidenced by the levels we are witnessing today.

She added: We are looking forward to benefiting from this precious championship and competing in it until the coronation because we believe that victories lead to victories, and our ultimate goal is to reach the highest levels of preparedness required, to achieve the largest number of colored medals in the next edition of the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship.


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