Disruption of news websites and global communication platforms


  The New York Times and BBC holiday schedule (Yap Ariens/Getty)</p><div><p>The websites of global media organizations were down today, Tuesday, in a problem that news platforms indicated was caused by a data center called “Fastly”.

Affected news websites included: the video section of the Al Araby Al-Jadeed website, Al Jazeera, and a newspaper and website The British Guardian and its application For smartphones, the American “New York Times”, the British “Financial Times”, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the American agency “Bloomberg”, the British newspaper and website “The Independent”, and the American “CNN” , “Buzzfeed”, the French newspaper “Le Monde”, and the website of the second Danish channel TV2.

The Metro website also indicated that the British government website could not be accessed. A message appeared on the White House page indicating a malfunction before the site was returned to service.

The same outage affected Amazon’s retail site, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest and Spotify.

In a brief statement, Fastly said that it has identified the fault and is working to fix it.

The outage lasted for about an hour today, Tuesday, according to specialized technology companies. The failure specifically hit the “content delivery network” or “content distribution network” (CDN), a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. Its goal is to ensure high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially for users.


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