Discovery of a planet the size of Neptune


Astronomers have identified a new Neptune-sized exoplanet with a “large atmosphere,” and its clouds may contain water vapor, according to a new study. According to Russia Today, the exoplanet is known as TOI-1231 b, and its orbit extends over 24 days around its star, TOI-1231, and it can have an atmosphere similar to Neptune, given its size and density. There is also the possibility of water vapor on the planet, which is 90 light-years away from Earth, which intrigues scientists.

“The low density of TOI-1231 b indicates that it is surrounded by a large atmosphere and is not a rocky planet,” study co-author Diana Dragomir, associate professor in the University of New Mexico’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, said in a statement. But the composition and extent of this atmosphere is unknown.” “TOI-1231 b could have a large hydrogen or hydrogen and helium atmosphere, or a denser water vapor atmosphere,” Dragomir continued. Each of these elements points to a different origin, allowing astronomers to understand whether and how planets form differently around red dwarfs when compared to planets around our sun.



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