Disclosure of 5 health problems that affect you due to turning on the fan during sleep


Al-Marsad newspaper: A Belgian study revealed that turning on the fan during sleep may harm human health, as the fan does not bring in the air that it spreads from outside, but it recycles the air available in the place, so it spreads dust and some harmful residues and bacteria naturally present in the bedroom .

According to the “Akhbar Al-Youm” portal, running the fan for long hours and directing it towards the body during sleep helps to enter these pollutants into the body, which means exacerbation of asthma symptoms, allergies and respiratory problems for people who suffer from them. This habit can also cause the following diseases:

dry eyes;
paranasal sinuses.
Head pain.
stuffy nose;

Turning on the fan for hours at night lowers the room temperature, turning the feeling of freshness into cold, which can cause flu symptoms, cramps, and neck pain.


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