Director of the Sharjah Punishment: The UAE pursues the principle of equality in rights and duties for all inmates


Brigadier Ahmed Abdulaziz Shehail, Director of the Punitive and Correctional Institution in Sharjah, confirmed that the UAE, through its penal and correctional institutions, pays great attention to human rights, in terms of freedom of religion and opinion and equality in rights and duties.
He added that the “Sharjah Punishment” has established in its headquarters a special human rights office affiliated with the office of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, whose mission is to follow up on the extent to which human rights standards are applied in the penal and correctional institution, such as freedom of religion.. Pointing out that all inmates of different religions are free to practice their religious rites They are all subject to the principle of equality in diets, rehabilitation programs and in matters of material settlements.
Brigadier General Ahmed Abdulaziz Shuhail said in an exclusive interview with the Emirates News Agency (WAM): “We are part of the general administration system for penal and correctional institutions in the Ministry of Interior. We have goals that we seek to achieve, starting with the implementation of the penalties approved by the legal legislator and passing through the reform process until the inmate’s exit and return to his normal life.” To become a good element that serves his community.”
He pointed out that one of the most important initiatives launched by the Foundation in Sharjah and characterized by its leadership is the establishment of a nursery for the children of inmates, which includes 11 children, providing health and social care and recreational activities for them, as well as the health initiative for dental implants, where during the first quarter of this year dental implants were made for 109 inmates, along with The “Sanad” initiative, which means the inmate’s family after the breadwinner entered the institution, where the General Command of Sharjah Police took it upon itself to serve these families by enrolling them in professional courses and workshops, obtaining commercial licenses / working from home, and marketing their products.
He stated that one of the most important initiatives implemented by the Foundation is the “electronic visit” initiative, which began two years ago in cooperation with the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, and is directed to the children of inmates and has been promoted for the elderly and people of determination, which was carried out at the Foundation’s headquarters.. Pointing out that last year and due to the circumstances The “Covid-19” pandemic, and in order to preserve the safety of everyone, was canceled and replaced with the electronic visit through the “remote” television circuit, where the inmate meets with all his family members, whether inside or outside the country, in addition to the “Faraj Fund” initiative, which paid material settlements during the first quarter of 2021 for about 16 inmates, with an amount of one million and 800 thousand dirhams, in cooperation with the Sharjah Charity Society, Sharjah Cooperative, Beit Al Khair, Khalifa bin Zayed Foundation for Humanitarian Works, Sharjah Islamic Bank, the Red Crescent Authority, and charitable and giving people.
Shuhail highlighted the programs implemented by the institution to serve inmates, including the vocational rehabilitation program, where they are trained through workshops to manufacture traditional handicrafts and qualify them to manage farms and gardens in coordination with the Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority and Sharjah Municipality, pointing to the launch of the “recycling” initiative. Timber” where, during the past two years, 250,000 tons of timber were recycled, pointing out that for the inmates, many professional courses were carried out in the field of cooking, sewing, embroidery and incense making, in addition to the establishment of an art workshop in the women’s prison branch to provide the appropriate environment for their training.
He added that with regard to the educational program for the inmates, the Foundation was keen to develop the educational path for them by helping them complete their education and many of them obtained a high school certificate, and a diploma in tourism and travel was offered to them after conducting a survey of the labor market in the emirate, and we found the need for the presence of tourist guides, so cooperation was made with Horizon College in Sharjah, where inmates study at the expense of the General Command of Sharjah Police in this field, and the Foundation is working to bring the educational path of future inmates to the master’s and doctoral levels.. Pointing out that 46 inmates in the institution were able to complete their studies, of whom 26 are now employees in the travel and tourism sector after expiry of their sentences.
With regard to the religious program, Brigadier General Shuhail said that the Foundation seeks, through this program, to achieve a number of goals, the most important of which are strengthening the religious faith of the inmates, memorizing the Noble Qur’an and the noble hadiths, spreading a culture of tolerance among followers of other religions, providing books, organizing lessons to learn about Islam, teaching new Muslims, and providing information related to worship. them .. pointing out that the total number of inmates who converted to Islam reached 68 with complete conviction, including 16 inmates last year and 7 inmates since the beginning of this year until today.
He added that one of the most important projects that the Foundation is working on within its corridors is the project to maintain the quality of life, as it is a strategic goal for the Foundation, starting with the nutrition provided to the guests.. Pointing out that the Ministry of Interior is contracting with the Abu Dhabi Hotels Company to provide the Foundation with food within the best and best health conditions in nutrition, in addition To provide the highest levels of air purity inside the institution, as it is measured through specialized devices, as well as reducing external noise to ensure a quality of life for the inmate within the international conditions assigned to inmates of penal and correctional institutions.
He added that the institution provides integrated health care for the inmate from the beginning of his entry until his exit by providing all kinds of treatments, especially for those with chronic diseases. The request of the inmate to visit the medical clinic takes from one to three minutes from the start of his request.
He pointed out that during the pandemic period, the institution witnessed a decrease in the number of inmates, from 5,300 inmates in 2019, their number reached 3,500 in 2020, stressing that the institution was keen to vaccinate all inmates and sterilize the institution four times a day, and to provide sterilization devices and thermal cameras in all its facilities, along with Security gates at all entrances and exits of the institution to maintain the safety of workers and guests.
Brigadier General Ahmed Abdulaziz Shuhail confirmed that the Foundation intends during the coming period to launch more initiatives that have a positive impact on inmates, as it is keen to see the best international practices and exchange experiences in this regard, the latest of which was the benchmarking with the United States of America.


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