Diab to the delegation of the families of the Marfa martyrs: What happened is one of the results of corruption in the country


Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab received a delegation from the families of the port’s martyrs, in the presence of his advisors, Khader Taleb and Hussein Kaafani.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Diab addressed the delegation by saying: “You are the owners of deep wounds who lost their loved ones, and all the sympathy of the world does not equal your loss and does not return your loved ones to you. Your anger is understandable and legitimate, because what happened is one of the results of corruption in the country. And I previously said that ward No. 12 It is one of the wards of chronic corruption that has exploded in the country, and that the wards of corruption are scattered throughout the country, and this is what turned out later.”

He added: “The issue of the port’s martyrs is a homeland issue and not a personal issue that concerns you alone. Therefore, the state, with all its institutions and political forces, with all its diversity, is concerned with this issue, whether with its repercussions, or its merits. There are attempts made to waste the issue by focusing on its margins and not on its foundation. The basis is in answering questions that need answers: How did these materials enter Lebanon, who allowed their entry, knowing that their entry needed a decision from the Council of Ministers, what was the purpose of their entry, why did they remain for 7 years, who benefited from them, and how did the explosion happen? Is it an active act? Or is it due to a technical error? Was an explosion of this size spontaneous or premeditated? And why did the presence of these materials not pose any danger for 7 years? All these questions need to be answered in order to know the truth.”

Diab continued: “I say, with all transparency, that the rampant corruption that controls the state is primarily responsible for the explosion of the port. But of course we must know the full truth about this explosion. The martyrs will not rest in their lofts, unless the truth is revealed. Their homes, institutions and properties have been damaged, so that they know this fact. August 4th will remain a painful moment in the history of Lebanon. This date will be engraved in our memory, and in the future of Lebanon. Therefore, I signed a draft decree that states that August 4 is a day of national mourning, so that the Lebanese will remember the magnitude of the pain. that afflicted you and the country.”

He added: “I know that this does not do justice to our martyrs, our wounded, or those affected, but it is a sentimental pause until we remember that corruption exploded in the port of Beirut, and so that we all work to uproot corruption from our diaries. I admit that corruption defeated me because I was almost alone in this confrontation, so we We all need to come together to defeat it.”

Diab concluded: “May God have mercy on our martyrs who were assassinated by corruption in the explosion of the port of Beirut. May God protect you and Lebanon.”


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