Developments of the health condition of Kuwaiti Maram Al Balushi after suffering a heart attack | news


Kuwaiti actress Maram Al Balushi continues her treatment in a hospital, after suffering a heart attack several days ago.

Her sister, actress Hind Al Balushi, revealed the developments of her health condition, in a telephone interview on the “My Lady” program on the Gulf Rotana channel.

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Al Balushi explained that her sister suffers from the effects of a stroke in the heart as a result of the psychological pressures and stress she experienced during the last period.

And she continued, saying: The medical team suspected that she was infected with Corona, and we are waiting for the results of the analyzes, but Maram neglected to take her medications during the last period, and she was subjected to severe psychological pressures that affected her health and moral condition, which is the main reason for what happened to her.

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