Details of the health status of Aida Abdel Aziz


Sources close to the Egyptian actress’s family confirmed thatAida Abdel Aziz​, that her health condition is stable after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease following the death of her husband, the theater directorAhmed Abdel HalimAnd that she spends her day normally inside the house, does not meet anyone, and is always keen to watch TV and read newspapers, especially in light of the precautionary measures taken to confront the virus.Corona​”.
Actress Aida Abdel Aziz had previously stated that she had decided to retire from art and live in complete calm, away from the spotlight, and said: “I don’t work, although people are very frustrated with me, but I am staying at home for comfort. I want to live far from the art shower, I am in My last trip, and no one is asking about me, and I am waiting to meet a generous Lord.”
It is worth noting that Aida was born in 1930, and married artist and theater director Ahmed Abdel Halim, after a great love story. In her artistic balance, many films and TV series, such as: “tiger and female​”، “​asphalt goblins​”، “​He went out and did not come back​”، “​queen in exile​”، “​Sultan game​”..


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