Details of the draw for the third stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers


Moataz Al Shami (Dubai)

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) decided to hold the draw for the qualifiers for the third and final stage of the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, on July 1, following the issuance of the International Federation “FIFA” classification of the last teams on June 18, to determine the order of the levels of the 12 teams qualified for the third stage. They are Japan, Australia, Iran, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, China, Oman and Lebanon.

It is expected that our team will advance in the FIFA rankings on the Asian continent to seventh place, during the upcoming classification, after Al-Abyad won all the qualifiers recently, which is a candidate for increasing its points to 1361.00 points, an increase of 30.84 points from the classification of last May 27, as expected.

Our national team has played 4 matches since last May 27, winning all of them, while the Iraqi team, which is currently ranked sixth in Asia, and is within the third level in the distribution of the expected lottery teams, played 4 matches, won 3 and lost a match against Iran in the qualifiers.

Therefore, it is expected that its points in the June 18 classification will reach 1345.58 points, less than our team by 7 and a half points.

According to the expectations of the classification result that will be issued by the International Federation, our national team will advance to the seventh place in Asia, and therefore it will be in the third level with the Saudi Green.

As for the draw mechanism, the 12 qualified teams will be divided into two groups, each group includes 6 teams, from which the first and second qualify directly for the World Cup, while the holders of the position play one match, to be held in June next year, where the AFC is studying the establishment of the Asian play-off match In a neutral territory, and the candidate for it is Doha, being the host of the World Cup, which begins in February 2022.

The winner qualifies to face a team from CONCACAF in the home and away system, and the winner of the two group matches qualifies for the World Cup in Qatar. As for the mechanism for dividing the 12 qualified teams for the third stage, they will be divided into 6 levels, each level containing two teams determined by the exceptional FIFA classification, which will be issued on June 18.

So that Iran and Japan are in the first level, the second level is South Korea and Australia, the third level is Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the fourth level is Iraq and China, the fifth is Syria and Oman, and the sixth is Vietnam and Lebanon.

The AFC decided to draw a lottery for each level, so that the team will be placed in the first and second group, with the draw starting from the sixth and last level, up to the first level, to determine the identity of the team of each of the two groups.


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