Decisions of the Lebanese Volleyball Federation


The Administrative Committee of the Lebanese Volleyball Federation held a regular session via the remote visual electronic system via the “Zoom” application, in order to ensure the social distancing factor to prevent the “Corona” epidemic, headed by the President of the Federation, Walid Al-Qasouf, and in the presence of the majority of members

At the beginning of the session, the President informed the meeting of the call he made with Vice President Asaad Al-Nakhl, who apologized for attending because of his association with an earlier date and confirmed his attendance at the next meeting. At eleven o’clock before noon, and assigning the Secretary-General, Issam Abu Joudeh, and the Executive Director, Emile Jabbour, to prepare a complete file related to the process of the elections of the new administrative committee and about the activity that he established and will evaluate during the current season.

Then the Secretary-General, Issam Abu Judeh, read out the minutes of the previous session and it was unanimously approved so that the attendees moved to study the items on the agenda and decided the following:

1- Taking note of the notification of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Lebanese Olympic Committee of the minutes of the Federation’s extraordinary session on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

2- Taking note of the letters of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Lebanese Olympic Committee on the legality of the elections of the new administrative committee of the Federation.

3- Taking note of the invitation of the European Volleyball Federation, in cooperation with the Asian Confederation, to participate in the sports conference for teachers and coaches of physical education and volleyball in schools, which will be held in Slovenia between 24-26 September 2021, and postponing the nomination of two coaches to the next session.

4- Taking note of the first installment of the International Federation’s aid amounting to 11,327 US dollars sent to “Blom Bank” bank, receiving the net amount after deduction of 11,260 US dollars, and committing to the administrative, technical and financial reports required to be sent to the International Federation.

5- Taking note of the financial assistance approved by the Lebanese Olympic Committee for the federation to participate in the Asian beach qualifiers, which amounts to only 2,500 US dollars, and only two thousand and five hundred US dollars, and send a letter of thanks to the Olympic Committee as well as to the Vice President of the Olympic Committee and Vice President of the Federation Asaad Palms.

6- He took note of the contribution of the former president of the federation, Michel Abi Ramia, in the amount of one thousand US dollars to participate in the Asian beach qualifiers, and informed the assembled president of the communications he was making to secure the rest of the amount, which totaled 5130 US dollars (five thousand one hundred and thirty US dollars).

7- Taking note with the participation of 33 trainers in the international training study (level 2) organized by the Lebanese Federation through the electronic remote visual system under the supervision of the International Federation between July 1 and 10 next, and taking note that the President of the Federation received from the course director the Omani international lecturer Shihab Al-Din Al-Riyami The program of the study year and a list of equipment and upon the request of the lecturer, approval of the appointment of trainer Johnny Lakis as his assistant, and a request from the organizing committee of the study, which is composed of Secretary-General Issam Abu Joudeh, accountant Naji Bassil and Executive Director Emile Jabbour, to manage the study and prepare what is necessary for its success. .

8- Approval of the circular and conditions for organizing the Lebanon Championship for age groups and the 2021 Summer Cup and sending it to the clubs.

9- Reviewing and approving the report of the Secretary-General related to the participation in the semi-final round of beach volleyball for the Asian qualifiers for the Olympic Games – Tokyo, and setting the date for the team’s travel on Sunday, June 13, and wishing it success in the Olympic merit.

10- Seeing the details of participation in the Asian Beach Volleyball Championship under 19 years old – Thailand June 29 – July 7, 2021 and about the sponsorship of the families of the participating players with all the expenses resulting from this participation, and agreeing that the participating delegation will consist of Munir Shaheen administratively and Mark Abi Karam as coach and players: Jason Najjar, Musa Moussa, Joseph Shaheen and Omar Karam. Coach Nader Al-Fidawi donated the preparation of the teams throughout June with the help of coach Elie Al-Nar.

11- Reviewing the qualifying study for beach volleyball coaches and fixing the results.

12- Postponing the setting of the date for organizing the Lebanon Beach Volleyball Championship for men, women and age groups for the next meeting, provided that coordination with the Beaches Committee will take place to determine it so as not to conflict with the league dates.

13- Apologizing for participating in the 16th Arab Junior Championships, born 2003 – Tunisia from 5 to 16 August 2021.

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