Death mourns Menna Fadali in her uncle.. and she asks for prayers for him


The actress announced Menna FadaliA few hours ago, her uncle’s death, calling on the public to pray for him for mercy and forgiveness, and published a picture of her late uncle, through her personal account on “Instagram”, commenting on it by saying: “My uncle is under the protection of God.”

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On the other hand, the artist, Mena, had published two days ago on her personal page in “Instagram” a video confirming her intention to resort to the Internet investigations, due to the offensive comments she received from some followers, after she published a new picture in which she appeared in the swimming pool wearing a swimsuit revealed parts of her body.

Fadali said in the video: “I have a lot of people who don’t know live, and I don’t want to see unless there is a necessary need. Of course, you know that we, as artists, are exposed to needs that are never nice and not respectful at all, whether in comments or messages, and they think that we, as artists, do not follow comments or messages. , But I follow and respond to my followers, because this is their right over me.”
She added: “We are exposed to words that are not nice and not respectful, but now you all hear about the Internet investigations, and that there are Lina’s female colleagues who took their right to the law, I say this because I said for a while I send messages from people, I do not want to make a mistake in them, but their family makes it difficult for me.”
She asked: “I am not afraid that they are degrading themselves SituationSomeone makes a mistake about his father, his mother or his sister, is this a sound thinking that anyone who enters writes a bad comment, what did you benefit from that?”

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and finished Menna Fadali The video said: “From here and anyone going to write a comment or send a disrespectful message, I will put it on my profile and inform the Internet investigations and take my right to the law. Now the issue has really gone too far.”


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