Death mourns Hamada Hilal for his aunt and mourns her with a weeping message


Hamada Helal received sad news today of his aunt’s death, and he announced the news to the public today and published a moving obituary for his late aunt, and received condolences from his fellow artists on the communication sites.

Hamada Helal announces the death of his aunt

Today, the artist Hamada Hilal announced the death of his aunt, and published a poignant obituary through his accounts on the communication sites after his aunt’s departure, and said: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My aunt Umm Muhammad is in the protection of God.. From Riyadh Paradise, and dwells in it in spacious gardens, and its children are patient, and we are all patient.. We ask you to pray.” He published several supplications on his pages on websites to communicate with his late aunt, and received dozens of messages from his fans to console him.

The stars console Hamada Helal after the death of his aunt

A number of stars sent messages of sympathy and condolences to the artist Hamada Hilal after announcing the death of his aunt, and a number of them were keen to support him in their comments on the news, including the actor Mahmoud Al-Leithi, who wrote to him: “Stay and permanence for God, may our Lord have mercy on her and forgive her.” He commented to him: “Stay and persevere for God, may God have mercy on her and forgive her, Lord,” in addition to Mai Kassab, Mohamed Ezz and a number of artists.

Hamada Helal receives praises for a distinguished position with his fans

Hamada Hilal had bid farewell to his late mother last summer before he lost his aunt today, and is keen to publish messages to his late mother on his accounts on the communication sites after saying goodbye to her at the time, saying: “You were satisfied all the time, and Hamda, our Lord, and for your patience and your trouble in raising me and my sisters as much as you were patient. You are optimistic about goodness and may God bless you and always rejoice around you and you were a child all your life.. O Lord, my mother had full faith in you and that Muhammad is your servant and your messenger.. I ask you, O God, to grant her his companionship in Paradise, O Lord of the worlds.. I ask you prayers and the Fatiha.

Hamada Hilal received praise on the communication sites recently after his distinguished position with one of his fans, who wrote the name of his latest series “Al-Maddah” on his head, because of his admiration for the series and Hamada Hilal, but he sent a message to his fans asking them to stop this matter and said: “I thank God.” Certainly hilarious with the success of the Al-Maddah series, but I do not want our children to do this drawing, even if I love .. I thank this beautiful child and the brave barber, but the life of our Lord is with you for nothing.


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