Death follows Jumana Murad after the death of her child


Syrian actress Joumana Murad was devastated by the death of her teacher and her closest friend, Syrian director Ferdis Atassi, after he was infected with the Corona virus, and his body was unable to resist this virus and left because of it.

Whenever Joumana tries to get out of her misfortune, she suffers a second misfortune, as if death does not want to leave her alone, following her step by step, and throwing a difficult weight on her.

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She said goodbye to her friend with a very touching message, and wrote: “After sadness knocked on our door, the first time I tried to see him, he came back and saddened me with the death of my teacher, the director, Professor Mohamed Ferdous Atassi, the friend, the kind brother and the kind father, the owner of unforgettable wonderful situations. Do not forget”

And she continued: “There is no objection to God’s destiny, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return. May God have mercy on you and make your abode of heaven in the highest paradise, Paradise. Please pray for the deceased for mercy and forgiveness and read Al-Fatihah. My condolences and deepest condolences to the deceased wife, dear sister, please, and to the family of the deceased, my Lord inspires them patience and solace.”

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Joumana is very confident in God’s decree, and she tries to be strong and steadfast in front of her audience, but when the night comes, all her memories with her child come back as an endless tape. She lives the worst days of her life, but silently and inside the walls of her house, and does not talk about her pain in front of millions.

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