Death a year after being vaccinated with the “Corona” vaccine .. lies – Saudi News


The Ministry of Health continues to stress not to be drawn into the rumors, lies and false news circulated by some about receiving vaccinations with the new coronavirus, stressing that the vaccines are safe and have proven their effectiveness in the face of diseases, including “Covid-19”.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that what is rumored about the occurrence of death after a year for those who receive the vaccination with the Corona vaccine is incorrect, stressing that those who took the doses have good health conditions, the safety of vaccines is scientifically proven, and their effectiveness in individuals and society will be one of the most important weapons in the face of the pandemic.

In this context, the Assistant Minister of Health and Ministry Spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, affirmed that the dominant feature and the greatest percentage of community members is awareness, adherence to precautionary measures, and the demand for vaccinations.

And he said in the press conference yesterday (Sunday): There are two groups to whom we send a special message, the first: the negligent, the negligent and the reckless, so we remind them of the importance of precautions for themselves first and for those around them in society so that they will not be a cause – God forbid – to harm those around them from the members of society, and the second category The hesitant and those who are led by rumors, lies and false news about vaccines and pass them on, as we warn them against harming themselves, and of their negative impact on others, as they may endanger those hesitant to take vaccinations.

He added: This is a very dangerous matter, and we assure everyone not to fall into this, especially since all that is being circulated and published of rumors, lies and false news about vaccines are just matters that are not based on any scientific evidence and have nothing to do with science. Many of the established and established scientific circles and the available data, whether around the world or in the Kingdom, indicate the very high safety and important efficacy of vaccines, and this is not new today and is linked to these vaccines only, but these are gains over decades that have been proven in all the previously approved vaccines and continued until Today, it has proven its protection for society through multiple stages of fierce, deadly and fatal epidemics throughout history, including this pandemic, which we hope will be forgotten by overcoming it by initiating vaccinations.


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