Data breach of McDonald’s customers and employees in South Korea and Taiwan


The American fast food company “McDonald’s” announced that hackers stole some data related to customers and employees in markets, including South Korea and Taiwan, according to the “DJ” news site..

According to Bloomberg News, the news website reported that McDonald’s confirmed today that it had finally appointed consultants to investigate unauthorized activity on the internal security system, which was exposed to a specific incident in which unauthorized access was cut off within a week..

Today, the company’s branches in South Korea and Taiwan notified regulators in Asia that the breach occurred today.

McDonald’s explained that customer emails, phone numbers and addresses of delivery customers in South Korea and Taiwan were stolen, noting that not a large number of data was stolen..

McDonald’s noted that no personal data of customers and employees was breached in the United States.

McDonald’s confirmed that it will alert some employees in South Africa and Russia to “the possibility of unauthorized access” to their information..



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