Daimler freezes its activities in 3 European countries .. The fate of Mercedes-Benz


The German car group Daimler intends to sell outlets and workshops in Britain, Spain and Belgium.

“We seek to move forward in reducing the cost base,” a spokesperson said.

“In this context, our markets are constantly reviewing their marketing systems as well as their current and future networks in Europe,” he added, noting that this move was reported in the three countries concerned.

The newspaper “Handelsblatt” that this step includes the sale of 25 headquarters employing about 2,800 people.

And the newspaper added, according to sources in the car industry, that the group could obtain from the sale of these headquarters up to one billion euros, but the group refused to comment on the numbers contained in the newspaper’s report.

Mercedes Benz

The spokesman said that the sale of these premises does not mean their closure, noting that the continued long-term commercial success of these premises and the continuation of Mercedes-Benz’s activities there will be of paramount importance in potential talks with parties interested in purchasing these headquarters.

The spokesman noted that the company is determined to provide the workers in these headquarters with long-term future prospects, while ensuring that the best possible support is provided to customers there.

The spokesman denied that the group currently has plans to sell headquarters in other European countries.

As for the number of headquarters Daimler still owns, the newspaper said it is a number made up of three small numbers.

The German car manufacturer, Daimler, incurred losses of about two billion euros ($2.3 billion) in the second quarter of 2020, affected by the repercussions of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Those results are even worse than last year, when the Stuttgart-based company that produces Mercedes-Benz had to pay billions for recalls linked to the emissions-rigging scandal and airbag problems.


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