Cybersecurity warns of serious vulnerabilities in Apple devices and advises urgent action


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Apple issues an urgent update to address serious vulnerabilities in its devices

And according to what was explained by cybersecurity on its official website, Apple has released a new update for some of its products, in order to address gaps that appeared in them.

The National Cyber ​​Security Guidance Center issued a security warning that it described as very dangerous and targets all sectors, explaining that attackers can exploit existing vulnerabilities to implement malicious software.

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The center revealed the Apple products that are at risk due to these vulnerabilities, namely: iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPad Air iPad mini 2 iPad mini 3 iPod touch (6th generation)

The cybersecurity added that Apple released a new update for its operating system, iOS 12.5.4, and advised owners of the aforementioned products to download it to their devices in order to address these dangerous vulnerabilities.

iPhone users complain about the new operating system update

These serious vulnerabilities in Apple devices came a few days after many iPhone users complained after installing the latest version of the iOS 14.6 operating system, as they were surprised that it drains their devices batteries completely within a few hours.

According to previous technical reports, complaints from iPhone users flooded through social networking sites and Apple forums, in which they expressed their annoyance with the update that the American company put forward on May 24.

One of the users said that his battery life after installing the new update became catastrophic, while a second said that he had never seen his battery drained in this way before, and a third added that the battery of his device drained completely in less than two hours.

The reports pointed out that this problem suffered by many users of old and new models of the iPhone, and the problems were not limited to certain models.

For example, an iPhone 7 user said that the situation is so bad that he cannot work on his device for two hours straight, while an iPhone 12 user said that his battery life before installing the update was about 96%, but it became worse after installing the update. iOS 14.6.

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Technology experts shared their experiences with the performance of the batteries of different iPhone models after installing the new operating system, as they said that the batteries run out completely in less than 5 hours, despite the different models between old models such as the iPhone 6s, and modern models such as the iPhone 12.

Experts pointed out that these experiments took place 3 days after installing the iOS 14.6 operating system, explaining that this is a sufficient period for the system to completely stabilize, which contradicts the advice of some to wait for a few days because the battery needs some time to re-calibrate after updating operating system.More:

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