Cultural / “Diriyah Gate” signs a memorandum of understanding with the “Saudi Heritage Preservation Society” The Saudi Press Agency


Riyadh 04 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH corresponding to June 14, 2021 AD
The Diriyah Gate Development Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi Society for Heritage Preservation, to implement a number of joint heritage projects and initiatives in the field of protecting and preserving archaeological and heritage sites, in addition to conducting studies and exchanging experiences, and activating the role of the local community. The signed memorandum also included cooperation in inventorying and documenting Intangible heritage, and preparation of heritage preservation plans for the Diriyah region.
The CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Jerry Inzerillo, praised the role played by the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society, noting that the memorandum of understanding contributes to achieving the goals and ambitions of both sides, especially with regard to cooperation in the field of protecting heritage sites, and the exchange of experiences, scientific research and technical studies related to preserving the heritage. heritage.
Inzerillo stressed that the coming period will also witness a strengthening of cooperation with the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society in the field of heritage events, exhibitions and conferences, projects, programs and awareness-raising initiatives for culture and heritage related to Diriyah, and activating cultural and international days.
For his part, Director General of the Saudi Society for the Preservation of Heritage, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Eidan, explained that the heritage projects implemented by the Diriyah Gate Development Authority in the jewel of the Kingdom represent a quantum leap not only in the Kingdom but worldwide, especially since the historical Diriyah development project is one of the largest cultural projects. and heritage in the world, pointing out that the association seeks, through the signed memorandum of understanding, to further enhance cooperation with the authority to reach the best standards and solutions necessary to protect and preserve the various heritage sites in the Kingdom in general and Diriyah in particular.
Al-Eidan indicated that the memorandum of understanding includes cooperation in initiatives and programs related to training and development in the fields of heritage, in addition to projects that support the revival and highlighting of Diriyah’s intangible heritage; In addition to mutual cooperation with regard to data, statistics and studies, stressing that the memorandum of understanding opens new horizons to come up with the best heritage projects that are in line with the goals of the authority and its relentless endeavors to preserve the heritage of Diriyah because of its great importance.
The Diriyah Gate Development Authority is working on many projects in the field of developing, rehabilitating and protecting archaeological and heritage sites in the “Jewel of the Kingdom”, in addition to implementing major development projects and investments in heritage sites and ensuring the application of the best international standards in this field.
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